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We have started our venture in 2012 as Baryon Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Since its inception, Baryon has been a customer-centric organization. We have a strong track record of repeat business from our clients, while continuing to win new customers on a consistent basis. Our long-term, time-built relationships with our customers based on confidence and trust are the result of our proven performance in technology fields, industry specific expertise, product knowledge, along with proven consulting and project management methodologies for each customer and engagement.


Mission is to successfully build high quality IT products through futuristic applications to enable businesses to realize their full potential.


Our vision is to grow in our endeavours to improve people’s lives through innovative and complete IT solutions and be the best in across all spheres of activity related to information technology.

Core Team

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work to exceed customer expectations with top-notch products and services.

With both Brand Value and Capital Value, we want to create an entity which will shine as a beacon of prosperity and success.



Modern & Innovative Applications

Officiency – SFA, EAMS, HRMS & Payroll

Handle all processes and procedures from recruitment to on boarding to induction to departure with our most hyped and core product of the brand- Officiency.

It improves workforce management and offers employee attendance monitoring system along with payroll and also increases revenue through implementation of sales force automation.

Customer Feedback Management

Get one step closer to success by putting your customers at the core of the business by useful CFM app for efficient customer engagement. CFM System helps you analyze and interpret all customer interactions and reduce them to a simple algorithm and also encourages clients to share their thoughts and opinions.

You are able to gather more about your customer demographics and understand their preferences better which in turn helps to optimize sales through valuable marketing strategy.

B2B & B2C E-Commerce

With your e-commerce website, make things more convenient for your business as you can now control and manage all your products through one unified database.

Save time by eliminating the need to change between different sites and make your marketing game more efficient. Not only this, your operational costs also gets reduced and you earn the appreciation of satisfied customers with superior customer experience.

Digi Rack - Document Management

With Digi Rack in place you can manage the storage of documents seamlessly along with quick and convenient retrieval of a particular document whenever needed. Our DMS system speeds up business processes and improves the quality of workflow through well planned movement of documents and also exercises and version control.

It ensures the safety and security of documents, restoration in case of a disaster as well as compliance to the rules and regulations.

Smart Campus

We have developed a comprehensive solution based on advanced emerging technology that manage all campus operations, for its highly sophisticated student information system and configuration with superior functionality.

Smart Campus has been designed to enable institutions to improve the management of the entire student cycle. The suite offers a highly configurable and scalable answer to college’s growing need for fully-unified, integrated systems to manage admissions, academic records, hostels and Faculties.

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics helps you improve business administration by allowing tracking of vehicles, monitoring driver’s behaviour, keeping a check on routes etc. It significantly adds to time management and also reduces costs through efficient fuel management.

This is a integrated Fleet Management solution allowing access to Management, Supervisors, Warehouse Manager, Driver, Vendor & Client to view historical and real-time fleet information whenever and wherever you’re online – including on mobile.



We have delighted more than 100 clients
  • Write the code once and reuse it across all platforms, thus saving a ton of time by cutting down on having to do repetitive tasks. You only have to make a onetime investment which reduces your spending and leads to increased development speed without having to compromise on uniformity across all platforms. It is a win-win situation in terms of efforts, costs and promotion.

  • Cloud based services allows you to work anywhere from across the globe without any limitation to the device used. The flexible solutions help enterprise to run more efficiently and improve their customer services without having to compromise on security. Save your valuable time and money and still remain ahead of your competitors with our innovative and environment friendly cloud based services.

  • With our dependable and efficient ERP and CRM solutions you can now automate and streamline tedious and monotonous office tasks and in turn boost the productivity of your employees. Our ERP and CRM services will help you communicate and collaborate successfully with the entire organization giving more visibility into every operation. Integrate all facets of your enterprise into one comprehensive information system to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast paced economy.

  • Leverage your existing systems with the adoption of RPA and achieve significant increase in overall output and productivity. RPA costs less than a full time employee and eliminates the scope of human error by letting technology handle the mundane repetitive tasks more quickly and resourcefully. This allows the workers to be freed from high-volume routine administrative work and focus their skill and experience on projects that contribute innovation and growth to the business.

  • Our Big Data and Analytics solutions allows you to add huge amount of data from multiple sources in real time, thus providing personalized customer experiences and contributing to long standing, profitable customer commitments. The insights from Big Data Analytics help you to identify vital information to enrich the quality of decision making and mitigate risks by optimizing complex decisions quickly with reasonable accuracy.

  • Save time and reduce operational cost by automating routine processes with the help of artificial intelligence. Amplify human intelligence with artificial intelligence and increases efficiency and revenue like never before. Make faster and accurate businesses decisions with important insights into customer preferences.



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